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Site Design & Layout

Site design and layout at EXXEL always begins with your objectives. Whether your project is a large commercial or industrial development or a small parking lot expansion, our experienced, multi-disciplinary team keeps a clear focus on identifying and analyzing the unique characteristics of your site and creating a solution that enhances its overall value within the community.

We work closely with owners, architects and local municipalities throughout the entire process from site plan design and drafting through final approval to ensure your site functions flawlessly, within your time frame and budget, and meets larger community requirements and goals.

Platted Subdivisions

With more than 45 years involvement in residential, commercial, and industrial plats, EXXEL knows how to move subdivisions from paper to reality. Our experience enables you to move smoothly through every phase of planning, design, and construction, providing you with a full range of services:

  • Preliminary site feasibility
  • Preliminary layouts and approvals
  • Design and construction engineering
  • Recording required documentation

Condominiums and Site Condominiums

As condominium projects evolve to meet changing markets and consumer demand, EXXEL keeps pace through a development process with the flexibility to address wide-ranging needs, from preliminary concepts to final design and construction coordination.

Our experience in large developments provides a solid foundation in new project concepts, such as site condominium projects, where land characteristics invite larger lots and private streets with unique designs. Utilizing our knowledge of the constraints and opportunities inherent in these kinds of projects, particularly in conceptual planning, we help ensure that your completed development takes maximum advantage of the features of the land.

Multi-Family Developments

The range of multi-family developments is broad, and includes apartments, student housing, mobile homes, and recreational campgrounds.

For these types of residential and recreational developments, EXXEL offers a full range of planning, design, and construction coordination services. We work closely with you to understand your vision and define appropriate goals and targets, and then move forward to complete your project on time and on budget.

Planned Unit Developments (PUD)

PUD projects give you added flexibility in land use, lot size and density. EXXEL can help you maximize that flexibility throughout planning, design, and construction.

Our approach to PUD design integrates all key elements including open land use, building types and layouts, street patterns, and pedestrian walkways ensuring that they work together to enhance the overall design. Throughout the entire process, you achieve your PUD project goals and optimize creative use of the land while satisfying the requirements and objectives of the municipality.

On-site Drainfield Design/Soils Investigation

Simplify and streamline your development project with EXXEL. Our advanced technical methods enable us to merge and assess critical project elements soil conditions, health department requirements, environmental concerns, and align them with overall project goals.

We handle all the details, with a coordinated team approach to provide:

  • On-site evaluation of soils in a project development and for individual and community septic systems
  • Soil borings reports
  • Recommendations for the best sanitary sewage options
  • Preparation and completion of local and state health department applications

Local Health Department Links

Well and septic permits in Allegan County
Well and septic permits in Barry and Eaton Counties
Well and septic permits in Kent County
Well and septic permits in Ionia County
Well and septic permits in Ottawa County
Michigan Association of Local Public Health Departments
State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality web site

Specialized Mapping

With EXXEL, you gain access to a variety of mapping possibilities with our computerized rendering capability and dry-mounting services.

  • Presentation maps in black and white or color show the proposed development in relationship to surrounding properties
  • Sales maps can be tailored to enhance details and rendered in a wide spectrum of color schemes and can incorporate your logo
  • Exhibit maps for legal appearance

Engineering Services

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