Why am I being required to buy Flood Insurance?

Lenders want to protect their investments. Lenders will require flood insurance if the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) indentifies your property as being in the floodplain. Flood insurance costs vary. Contact an insurance agent to determine the annual cost.

How can I get my house removed from the mapped floodplain?

FEMA develops its map using the best information that it has available. FEMA also recognizes that sometimes its mapping does not reflect what a survey would detail. The process of correcting a map is called a ;“Letter of Map Amendment”; (LOMA). A Professional Engineer or Surveyor must certify that the structure (home) or property is not in the floodplain. The certification can be submitted electronically through the eLOMA process. If fill is required to raise the structure or property, then a “Letter of Map Revision” (LOMR) is required. Flood insurance will not be required by FEMA if a LOMA or LOMR is submitted and approved by FEMA. However, check with your lender regarding its requirements. 

What Will This Cost?

Each property needs to be analyzed individually because the processing is not the same for all situations. A LOMA-Property Removal requires a sketch and description of the property removed from the flood hazard area. The advantage is any addition to the home or attached deck in the area removed will not require a second certification. A quote can be provided once the specific site is reviewed. If a group of homes in a neighborhood are surveyed at the same time, the cost will be reduced. 

Who should I contact?

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